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Come and see what’s happening at Pringle House Eco School

PRINGLE BAY – Pringle House Eco School is having an open day on Saturday 16 September from 10:00 onward. Prospective/interested parents, families wanting to spend an enjoyable morning out with their children, visitors to the area, grandparents, or anyone sufficiently curious are welcome to pop in.

“Pringle House Eco School is a unique gem of a school, ensconced in the foothills of the Kogelberg Mountains, across the way from Pringle Bay Village. It is the perfect place for children to grow up as one with their natural surrounds. The school is as much a living organism in the landscape, as the fynbos,” says principal Adelle Talbot.

The open day promises to be a significant event with a variety of fun-filled activities, competitions, and delicious food options. The money raised will go directly to the school’s building fund – an exiting new development in the history of the school.

The school is now in its 16th year. It began in January 2008 in a private home in the village, with 5 pupils, and grew gradually from thereon as young families continued to trickle into the Overberg. Covid’s detrimental impact on the student numbers has been gradually restored to 45 pupils in ages from 12 months up to grade 7. The school is now at an exciting juncture, with plans being underway for the imminent building of the new school at premises on the village side.

Phone 028 273 8853 for more information.



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