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RSA 76-0 ROU: Romania reaction (captain Chirica, head coach Apjok)

BORDEAUX – Comments from Romania captain Cristian Chirica and head coach Eugen Apjok after their team’s 76-0 defeat by South Africa in Pool B at Stade de Bordeaux on Sunday, 17 September.


Cristian Chirica, captain

On his thoughts on the match:

“It is very important for us to play against the best teams in the world because we are a young team that needs experience.

“It is very hard to play against teams like South Africa which are very tough and very physical, but we are happy to be here and we are trying to do our best.”

Eugen Apjok, head coach

On playing high-ranked duo Ireland and South Africa:

“We had the first 25 minutes in the Irish game and today the last 20 minutes of the first half, we can take some positives. We need to learn a lot about how to manage, especially in the breakdown.”

On what his team will do before the next game:

“We need to recover, with the injured players. We’ll have two days off to enjoy the World Cup and then we need to work hard for the Scotland and Tonga games.”


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