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Join the Great Southern Bioblitz

Learn about the life that exists on your doorstep and help scientists to increase their understanding of the natural world by documenting the wildlife in the Overstrand area from Friday, 24 November to 27 November 2023, when it is time for the Great Southern Bioblitz (GSB) again.

Everyone is invited to join the project and enjoy the outdoors while taking photos and uploading the observations to record plants, insects, birds, marine life, and even fungi within the boundaries of Overstrand.

Altogether 37 areas in 11 countries in southern and central Africa are taking part in the GSB 2023 – and 21 of those areas are in South Africa!

What do you need?

A camera or cellphone, and access to the internet. Take photos of any living thing between 24 – 27 November and upload the photos on www.iNaturalist.org or use the free iNaturalist app.


Try to take clear photos – this helps the experts with identification. Take photos from different angles.

  • Plants: take photos of flowers, leaves and fruits or seeds, growth habit and habitat.
  • Insects: as much as possible of the whole body. Take from above and from the side.
  • Remember eggs, feathers, tracks, nests and scat can also be used (proof of an animal).
  • You can also upload animal sounds to iNat as an observation.

How to participate and who to contact:

For more information and to see the events over this period, follow Overstrand Bioblitzing on Facebook or join the WhatsApp group (send request on WA to Magriet Brink: 072 921 1757).

For two weeks after the GSB you will be able to upload your observations and ID them – and help with other observation IDs if you are confident.

Together we are sure to show off the incredible biodiversity in this special part of the world. Last year we were top of the list for the entire southern hemisphere – let’s see if we can keep the honours and help make our biodiversity world famous.



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