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Municipality makes consession for tanker requests over weekends

On 6 November 2023, Overstrand Municipality issued a notice to residents with conservancy or septic tanks that the costs for providing additional tanker services are not recovered in certain instances, depending on the number of times a tanker service is requested.

The public was notified that no pre-booking of tanker services at a specific date and time, will be allowed from said date onward.

Although the Municipality would love to deliver a service on demand, it is not possible. Residents and establishments such as guesthouses are once again reminded that, where possible, at least two to three days’ lead time is required for effective sewerage tanker service.

Any tanker services requested after 15:00 or over weekends will be subject to an after-hour levy.

The Overstrand Municipality has however now decided not to charge consumers the after-hour levy of R1 558.07 for the period between 6 November – 14 December 2023.

From the public holiday of Friday, 15 December 2023 the after-hour levy to request a tanker service will apply again.

Honey-sucker options for tanker call-outs:

Up to November 2023, sewer consumption tariffs were based on 70% of water consumption on a particular erf and the cost stayed the same for a resident with similar water consumption, regardless of how many times there were requests for tanker services.

This has changed – should your sewer consumption now be more than your water consumption for more than two consecutive months, the basic monthly charge of R114,22, plus R779,03 per tanker service request will be payable.

Option 1: (Single Residential consumers)

Pay a basic fee of R114.22 plus the infrastructure levy of R14.98 per month only, with the understanding that every time a tanker service is requested, this service will be charged at R779.03 per 6kl or part thereof (office hours, i.e. weekdays before 15:00) or R1 558.07 per 6kl or part thereof (after hours) per removal.

Option 2: (Single Residential consumers)

Pay a basic fee of R169.51  plus R19.19 per kℓ of water used per month, based on a maximum of 35 kℓ per month (70% of 50 kℓ), plus the infrastructure levy of R14.98 per month, which will entitle you to tanker callouts during office hours at no additional charge, not exceeding the 70% calculation of the water consumption per month.

If your sewer consumption is more than 70% of your water consumption per month, you will be charged R779.03 per tanker service for the tanker services exceeding your 70% calculation of the water consumption.

As per option 1 above, all after hours tanker service requests, will in Option 2 also be charged at R1 558.07 per 6kl or part thereof.

All enquiries related to the amnesty period should be directed to 028 313 8000/8912, or phone:

  • Hermanus Administration: 028 313 8027 / 028 313 8933 / 028 313 5060 /028 313 8042
  • Gansbaai Administration: 028 384 8300
  • Stanford Administration: 028 341 8500
  • Kleinmond Administration: Tel: 028 271 8400

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