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Worrying increase in signage vandalism

Overstrand Municipality has noticed an increase in signage vandalism and removal recently.

This issue has been a concern mainly in the ‘Open Space 1 Nature Reserves’. Signage indicating where dogs are not permitted seems to be the focus of this vandalism.

Other types of vandalism on signs include putting stickers, painting graffiti (or removing the ‘no dog red stripe from the board), shooting paintballs and throwing beer bottles.

The Environmental Management Section (EMS) would like to request that members of the public who witness any acts of vandalism in Nature Reserves to please report the matter to the 24/7 Overstrand Safety and Security Control Room on 028 313 8980.

Please note that in the Fernkloof Nature Reserve, the Blue Route Klipspringer Trail is a dog-friendly trail. Dogs are also welcome on the Cliff Path if leashed.

The reason that not all trails are open for dogwalkers is that dogs generally walk alongside their owners while on lead causing widening of the trails and degradation of sensitive fynbos. There is a noticeable trend of dog-owners releasing their dogs from the lead when they think no one is watching, and there have been multiple incidences of dogs getting bitten by snakes, and some dogs even falling into crevices (kloofs) while chasing wildlife resulting in them having to be rescued by the Overstrand Search and Rescue teams.

Dog walkers are requested not to bury dog poop in the sand or throw it out in the fynbos. They are required to clean up after their dogs and to dispose of poop bags in the bins. PRESS RELEASE



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