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Mar 25, 2020

Lockdown Recommendations

1 - DO NOT travel for ANY reason other than Medical, Basic Needs or Food. You could face 1 month in jail and/or a fine if you leave home for any other personal reason. Keep your groceries receipts, doctors notes, pharmacy receipts, etc with you as proof of your reason for travel.

2 - Always keep your ID and Drivers License with you when you do have to travel.

3 - The Government has the right to test you for Coronavirus, detain you until the test are completed (which now takes up to 7 days due to the shear volume of tests) and place you under quarantine, so… Make sure someone always knows where you are going and when you will be back. If you are detained/quarantined, please keep someone apprised of the situation.

4 - Do not take any detours, go straight to your destination and go back home.

5 - If you do get stopped at a roadblock: Stay calm, be clear and be humble. Do not get aggressive or impatient.

6 - If you have to travel for work, you will get a letter certifying this to be the case. Make sure you Manager/MD knows you are travelling for work, has authorised the trip and to expect a call from the Police/Army. Keep this letter handy on any work travel.

7 - This lockdown is not about you. So, don’t be selfish, stick to the rules and keep the rest of us safe and healthy. The Government has warned of more stringent methods to control the outbreak, so please stick to the rules and lets get through this without further escaltion of the situation.

8 - Keep doing your job. Keep your head down, be safe and keep healthy.

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