Mar 25, 2019

Red. Hoeveel gevaar hou die Eskom - krisis vir die land in? Hierdie is 'n uittreksel van 'n artikel wat die premier van die Wes Kaap, Helen Zille, vir Daily Maverick geskryf het en vandag 25 Maart gepubliseer is. Lees die volledige berig op Daily Maverick se webtuiste. Dit laat 'n mens weer eens besef hoe naby aan die afgrond is ons.

"How did it come to this?

In order to keep some of the lights on some of the time, bankrupt Eskom was compelled, during the past week, to spend R6,3-million per hour to keep the Western Cape’s turbine generators running, according to reports I received from the Disaster Management directorate.

Apart from the cost, this also involved syphoning off all available diesel stocks.

And once the stockpiles are depleted, there is no solution. Suppliers tell us that if they were to produce only diesel 24/7 (halting the production of all other petroleum products), they would not even be able to meet Eskom’s diesel requirements at the current rate, let along service the rest of the economy.

Without a steady and reliable supply of diesel, the many generators we have installed – in crucial institutions such as hospitals – will fail.

What’s more, our entire disaster management vehicle fleet also runs on diesel. If another type of emergency, such as a fire or flood, were to occur, we would be paralysed without diesel."

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